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Coptic Thomas 42
Jesus says: "Become passers-by." © Patterson-Robinson
Jesus Seminar Parallels & Synoptic Rainbow
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Jesus says: "Become passers-by."
Other New Testament Parallels

Mark 3
Spaceholder, in case you didn't guess...

Luke 3
More text and so on...

Matthew 3

More text and so on...

James 35
It don't get no better than James.

Romans 35
It don't get no better than James.
Hebrew/Jewish/Samaritan Parallels

Leviticus 35
Love your brother

Marka 35
If they say it's in the heavens, the birds will go before you...
Other Parallels

Ginza Rba 35

Yep, a spaceholder

Elijah 15
More text and so on...
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