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Some Rambling Comments about this Site

The only cash flow involved, and will ever be involved, is the trivial amount out of my pocket to keep the site up. A small thing compared to a life of poverty with no place to lay one's head. Seems the least one can do.

The idea is a resource on the Gospel of Thomas and related issues of the historical Jesus. In particular, the parallels, and graphical/mathematical solutions to the Synoptic Problem. One benefit of parallels is you can make an abstract picture of them, and get a mathematical handle on them. (And, an old man doesn't have to learn new languages to do it.)

The long term plan is Flash programming/graphics that makes things possible, not possible without it. But for now, it's inputting the data, with links. Currently all the Jesus Seminar parallels are done, and the rest will be done over the next few months, starting wtih #1.

The Synoptic Rainbow is something Engineers/Scientists do all the time to be able to be able to predict experiments. To understand complicated things and make sense out of them. You map one thing onto another, and the rules of one, all work on the other. The human eye has three color cones, red, green and blue. (That's why dogs aren't impressed by the TV.) (Apologies to the 1/3 of men that have issues with red or green, go ask a woman (who has the red/green gene on both X-chromosomes) to explain it to you.) Anyway...If you assign one of the primaries to each of the Synoptic parallels, then the rule for adding them is the same as the theory of color. For instance, Mark being red and Matthew being blue, if a saying is both, it becomes what happens when you add blue and red light, you get magenta. The idea is you can judge things at a glance using the color. Like, for example, noticing the obvious, that the first part of Thomas is the Mark part, and the second part is the Q part. Below only shows Mark, and Q defined as Matthew and Luke, but not Mark, by saying.
MarkMark+LukeLukeLuke+Matthew(Q)MatthewMark+Matthew Mark+Matthew+Luke None
Mark-Q in the Gospel of Thomas, first part
Mark-Q in Thomas, second part
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